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Did you know that there are no personal assistant jobs in Toronto like the opportunities we have here at Toronto Assistant Services? We are unique! Click here to learn more about our company? Start here!

Now that you know about us and have written your resume (following the tips in our last post), you have to send it to me! This will be your first opportunity to get my attention. You’ve written a kick-ass resume, but I haven’t read it yet, so this step is crucial. Here are some pointers for getting noticed.

Have a professional e-mail address. Please be sure that your e-mail address is professional and mature. I am not interested in mail from or A new e-mail address is free and it only takes a few minutes to open!

Don’t leave the subject line blank. This gives the impression that you blind cc’d me and blasted the message to 100 different people, hoping someone would respond. Your subject should be short and address what position you are applying for. Throwing in something like “very interested” would help, too.

The wording in the subject line should be spelled correctly. This is your one chance. Make it count!

The body of the e-mail should not be blank. A cover letter is a good idea but it doesn’t have to be an attached document. It can be an intro about you written in the body of the e-mail. Either way, the body of the e-mail should have something. Mentioning again that you are excited about the position is a great idea. Using our company name is a great idea. If you are opting to attach the cover letter rather than write your intro in the e-mail, at least introduce yourself and say something like, “Please find my cover letter and resume attached.” As above with a blank subject line, leaving the e-mail body blank makes it look like you blasted these attachments to multiple different e-mail addresses.

Use spellcheck. Please don’t send anything with typos! Pay attention to those little red squiggly lines under the words you are writing. There are even blue lines for grammatical errors. Just don’t forget: the spelling & grammar functions aren’t fool proof. Read back through everything two or three times. Make sure everything is correct!

You should include your resume. Right? Please don’t send an e-mail that says, “Ask me for my resume.” And remember – if you have never had personal assistant jobs in the past, that’s OK! Explain to me why you feel that you have the proper skill set to work for us.

Be prepared for follow-up questions. After you submit your resume and intro/cover letter and you have caught our attention, you will be contacted with some follow-up questions. These questions should be answered thoroughly and accurately. Answer every question (not just some of them) and provide all information requested. Double check to make sure that you have done so. Every step of the process is a test of sorts to see if you are thorough and have attention to detail. And we need accurate information to match you with the best client!

It’s not OK to ask me to meet you somewhere other than my interview location. If you absolutely don’t want to make the trip to North York, then please decline the interview offer and move on, with my blessings for success in your future.

With all of these tips, you are sure to land the interview that you are hoping for. And even if you aren’t a fit for us, these tips will help you in all of your future submissions. If you know of anyone else looking for personal assistant jobs in the area, let them know about us as well. Best of luck!


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