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Think Positive! How Personal Assistant Services Can Help (When You’re Ready)

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You have made a big commitment by making the decision to be your own boss and open your own business. It sounds so glamourous: sleep in every day, make your own schedule, make the rules, sit back and watch the money roll in and spend your life vacationing while your employees and your own assistant handle everything. If that’s what you have in mind you are in for a big surprise. Positive self-motivation and (eventually) personal assistant services can make or break your success. There will be stressful days and days that it looks like you are going to fail. You…

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Smart Spending in Business – Virtual Assistant Services

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Smart spending in business is one of the most important factors to being successful – from day one to the day you retire or sell. Have you heard the saying “you have to spend money to make money?”  Well, unfortunately, it’s true. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot, or get a loan, or go into debt for years. (It may, but it may not.) Here are some things that you may find will come in handy as you start your new business, grow & expand, or even in your personal life! As you read, remember that all…

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10 Rules for a Successful Newsletter Campaign – How Virtual Assistance Can Help

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Newsletter campaigns are a great way to reach new customers and stay in touch with current ones! This task can be time consuming and as the business owner, you have more pressing things to do. It may be a great time to find virtual assistance! How are you going to get your newsletter opened when it is sitting in an Inbox with hundreds of other unread messages? As mentioned in the last article, sometimes the wording and tag lines that sound “cheesy” or overdone are used as frequently as they are for a reason: THEY WORK. We are all human…

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Get Noticed Online – Hire an Assistant

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As business people, we want to be fresh and innovative. We want to find new, unique ways to reach potential clients instead of sounding like the old, boring schtik that everyone else is using and that has been around for-ever. But the truth is, some of those things have been around forever because they actually work! As much as we hate to admit it, and as cheesy as some of them seem, research has shown that our brains are wired to accept certain information in specific ways. You may need to hire an assistant to help with writing. It takes…

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Do I Need a Personal Assistant

Do I Need a Personal Assistant?

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Have you ever asked yourself: “Do I need a personal assistant?” Your business is your life. But so is your family. Do you ever feel like you are juggling too many things at once? Working long hours and missing out on quality time with the kids or your spouse? Do you just wish it were easier to coordinate your day-to-day tasks, in a way that allowed you to be stress-free at the end of the day, knowing that everything was accomplished and that your most important tasks are in the right hands?  Your  assistant can help with all sorts of tasks,…

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