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June 2017

personal assistant needed set goals

Have Fun While Setting Goals: “Personal Assistant Needed!”

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I have been to numerous business conferences for big business owners, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and women entrepreneurs. With every article I read and every seminar I attend, there is one key concept that I always hear: everyone who has a successful business has a strategic goal plan. Know what you want first and what is most important. Have you ever known anyone that threw the thing together and it ended up an overnight success? I understand the way these minds work, although I myself could never operate like that. And although this probably works for some people (because there…

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thank your executive assistant

Thank Your Executive Assistant: Brutal Toronto Summers

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Many of us in this big city don’t have a vehicle, which means we spend a lot of time walking from one place to another or one subway stop to another. The winter has its challenges (staying warm, avoiding piles of snow) but these crazy Toronto summers have their own as well. The heat can be miserable, and sometimes your executive assistant is out in it every day more than you are. It’s time to thank them for all they do for us every day! Remember to take care of yourself, and also remind your assistant to take care of…

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personal concierge improve mornings

How a Personal Concierge Can Improve Your Morning Routine

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The beginning of the day is the most critical. This is true for so many reasons: you need the right brain power, body power, focus & attitude to pull of the most productive and successful day that you possibly can! Hiring a personal concierge can help you start every day on the right foot! No Cell Phones. Either leave your cell phone in a drawer or give it to your assistant to keep overnight. If the first thing you do is pick up your phone, you are working before you’re even out of bed. Ask your assistant to keep it…

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