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February 2018

personal concierge assistant services

Why You Need a Personal Concierge

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Perhaps you think that you aren’t the type of person to need a Personal Assistant, let alone a Personal Concierge Assistant. You may think that these services are only for the super – wealthy, or those who are “too lazy” to just do the tasks themselves. Well, stop thinking that way! Not only can these services be very affordable, they can be life changing as well! The Personal Concierge role is designed to assist with tasks and errands not only in business, but outside of business as well. Perhaps you have your work stuff handled; maybe you already have an…

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executive assistant toronto

Need a Toronto-Based Executive Assistant?

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The Executive Assistant is one of many options that we offer. An Executive Assistant and a Personal Assistant are (for the most part) the same thing, but in most cases the EA has more responsibilities. If you read through our site you will see that in most cases, the EA is in a corporate office, working with their client on a daily basis and attending meetings, running errands, answering calls and e-mails, and a multitude of other admin tasks. All of our employees are equally qualified to work under all of our options, from Virtual Assistant to Personal Concierge. It’s…

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social media marketing tips

Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

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Today’s young entrepreneurs are very aware of how important social media is for their business and networking. If you have been in business for years, or if you are a new entrepreneur but are part of early Generation Y or prior, social media may be a mystery to you. There are so many platforms, so many “right” and “wrong” times to use the platforms, and these unusual things called hashtags. We are told how important networking on social is, yet many are clueless as to how to do this. Let us help you get started with these social media tips…

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