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social media marketing tips

Today’s young entrepreneurs are very aware of how important social media is for their business and networking. If you have been in business for years, or if you are a new entrepreneur but are part of early Generation Y or prior, social media may be a mystery to you. There are so many platforms, so many “right” and “wrong” times to use the platforms, and these unusual things called hashtags. We are told how important networking on social is, yet many are clueless as to how to do this. Let us help you get started with these social media tips & tricks!

  1. Set up your social media accounts. You should have at least the following: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, every platform should match. You should be easily recognizable across all sites; just as all of your printed marketing materials should match, so should your online presence. Use your logo as the profile picture and use the same background image on all. The sites should match your printed materials as well. The only exception: your LinkedIn profile is about you as the owner of the company. Therefore the profile picture should be your face and the posts and content should be more professional (less memes and games and more articles, feedback, helpful tips, and professional interaction).
  2. Know your target market. This is a foundation of your business planning, so you should already know who this is. Do an Internet search on the top people or companies in this field. For instance, if your target market is real estate agents in Toronto, search “Top 50 real estate agents in Toronto,” and make your list.

You have everything set up and ready to go, and you know who you need to be interacting with to get recognized. Now it’s time to get started:

Follow all of your targeted people on social media. Follow who they follow. Document the hashtags they use. Comment on their posts with valuable comments; add something to the conversations. Tell your story. Let everyone know why your business is the best and what they will gain by working with you. Post every day; use online social media tips to determine the best times of day to post for your industry. There are programs available that allow you to schedule posts in advance across all social media platforms. This is extremely helpful so that you do not need to go on every day to each site and write a new post.

Instagram: Hashtags are key. Use a lot of them and use them in every post. Switch them up every week or two. URLs are never live in posts, so don’t include them. If you are mentioning your new blog post, instead of including the dead URL, instead simply ask readers to visit your site to read it.

Twitter: The character limit is much lower on Twitter, so use the same list of hashtags but in more limited quantities. Switch them up every few days or every few posts. URLs are live on Twitter.

Facebook: Use similar (if not the same) posts as on Twitter. URLs are also live on Facebook. Interact a lot on Facebook. Commenting on others’ posts with relevant feedback and information is key. Mention that they can find more information on the topic on your site, and include the URL of your blog post (for instance) in the comment to draw traffic to your site. Remember, we are not trolling – we are giving legitimate feedback and mentioning our blog post when it is directly related to the post and helpful to those in the thread.

Pay attention to which posts are getting more attention. Which hashtags are included? Start to track what is working well and what is working great. Also, try to create a new hashtag. You may become a social media icon! You need to be on social every day commenting, liking, re-tweeting, and interacting with others’ posts. It truly is a full time job! This task is a wonderful thing to delegate to a personal or virtual assistant, so if you want our help, contact us to learn more!

Do you have any other social media tips or tricks to share? Happy Posting!

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    Well explained the insight of social media marketing. Social Media really works wonderfully for all size of businesses to build an online reputation, increase social signals, reach and engagement. Thank a lot for sharing such a nice article!

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