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The beginning of the day is the most critical. This is true for so many reasons: you need the right brain power, body power, focus & attitude to pull of the most productive and successful day that you possibly can! There are a lot of things to organize and prepare every morning at home in order to get you out the door and headed to the office. Hiring a personal concierge can help you start every day on the right foot! Here are some tips for an awesome morning, and how a personal concierge can help.

  1. No Cell Phones. Either leave your cell phone in a drawer or give it to your assistant to keep overnight. If the first thing you do is pick up your phone, you are working before you’re even out of bed. Ask your personal concierge to keep your phone with them, and answer any urgent early-morning messages for you.
  2. Stretch or run to get mentally prepared. Maybe you hate exercising early in the morning. If so, do some light yoga or stretching – just enough to get your blood flowing and also to give your mind time to wake up. Mentally go over your to-do list and plan your tasks for the day. Let your personal concierge walk the dog or get the morning coffee.
  3. Sugar is not the answer. A big mistake that a lot of us make is to start the morning with a coffee treat (it’s not a cup of coffee when it’s full of whipped cream, sugar, and caramel drizzle) and a donut or some other sweet pastry. Unfortunately these things have almost zero nutritional value, and while the spike of sugar gives us a high at first, we soon crash and have trouble focusing. Start your morning with a full glass of water before coffee and something with complex carbs and protein, like a bowl of organic oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg or turkey bacon. This will help you stay full and energized at least until lunch time. If breakfast is something that your personal concierge prepares for you, make sure they switch you to something healthy!
  4. Save the news for the end of the day. Some people never watch the news because it is depressing, but staying current with our busy city is necessary. Just don’t start the day with the news. There are too many depressing stories, especially since the U.S. news is all over our television sets. Starting the day with depressing stimuli can set us up for a bad mood and negative outlook for the whole day. Perhaps ask your assistant to compile a list of the most relevant (to you) news stories for the day.

Every day is different and has its own challenges. There are things that we can all do to set ourselves up for success and get as much out of every day as possible. A personal concierge can help in so many ways – and not just at the beginning of the day!

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