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Many of us in this big city don’t have a vehicle, which means we spend a lot of time walking from one place to another or one subway stop to another. The winter has its challenges, but these crazy Toronto summers have their own challenges as well. The heat can be miserable, and your executive assistant is undoubtedly out in it more than you are. It’s time to thank them for all they do for us every day! Remember to take care of yourself, and also remind your assistant to take care of themselves as well!

Drinking enough fluids. It doesn’t have to be all water, but it should be fluids without caffeine and without sugar & calories. Caffeine dehydrates the body and sugar & calories can add up fast. If you are thirsty, listen to your body and drink something. Staying hydrated is also a good way to avoid snacking and hunger, because dehydration often masks itself as hunger. When it is time for a meal, make sure to choose water-filled foods. Luckily enough, water-filled foods are also the healthiest foods: fruits and vegetables!

Wear sunscreen. It is extremely important to protect ourselves against the powerful rays of the sun. Always apply sunscreen before leaving the house in the morning. You may not think about it unless you are laying poolside, but did you know that we can get sunburned even on cloudy days? One in five people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime! Protect your skin and remind your executive assistant to protect themselves against cancer as well.

Protect your eyes. Always wear sunglasses outside on sunny or overcast days. There are people who are not bothered by the light and don’t own sunglasses, but this is actually not good for the eyes at all. Even if you don’t feel you need them, protect your eyesight; buy a pair of sunglasses with UV protection and wear them anyway!

We can’t be productive or successful if we don’t first take care of ourselves. Same goes for our assistants! Make sure that in every season or every situation you are making choices that are not only in the best interest of your business, but also in the best interest of your physical and emotional health. Surprise your executive assistant with a gift basket of bottled water, sunscreen, fresh fruit, stylish sunglasses and a thank-you note to really make their day!

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