Affording an EA Requires a Goal Plan

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As an entrepreneur, you no doubt attend numerous business conferences which include big business owners, small business owners, entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs, etc. Maybe you have heard this repeatedly: everyone who has a successful business has a strategic goal plan. Know what you want first and what is most important. Have you ever known anyone that threw the thing together and it ended up an overnight success? Some people have the personality for this and it works for them. But the smart strategy is to always have clear goals. Is an executive assistant needed from day one? How big do you want to scale in your first year? What is my budget in order to afford an executive assistant? Create your goal plan to answer these questions!

Your goals should be realistic, attainable, and carefully planned. Tracking those goals sometimes can feel tedious. If you don’t see results soon enough, you are too busy and begin to lose track (am I doing better or worse than I should be right now?) or if you have a setback, you may get frustrated. A well-written business plan is a great place to start. It seems tedious, but the process forces you to ask yourself all of the “big” questions. It also helps you think outside of the box and research others in your industry. Once you understand the big picture, you can network with others more effectively, communicate your business module, and set goals more easily.

What types of goals relate to your business? Everyone’s business is different and we all start businesses to reach different goals.

What are some visual tools that you can use to track your goals? Use something fun to track your progress towards getting your own executive assistant.

  • Create a poster with a chart or graph to track your progress.
  • Create a vision board.
  • Use marbles in a jar. Add one marble for each $1,000 you make, for example.
  • Print out colorful calendar pages and mark off days and goals.
  • Take photos of goals you have reached and use them as your screensaver. Maybe a photo of the latest house you sold or person you helped.
  • Hand-write successes on sticky notes and keep them on your desk.

Yes, business is serious stuff and hard work. But just because we are business people does not mean we can’t have fun. Find ways to keep it exciting so that you don’t get burned out! You’ll be ready to bring on your executive assistant sooner than you thought!

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