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Working as a Personal Assistant can take a toll on the body, especially the legs and feet. Are you running errands all day every day? The Personal Concierge has the most active and physically challenging job out of all of our staff. Do you go to bed with aching feet every night? Feet that literally ache so bad that it’s hard to fall asleep? First, take a moment to thank your feet and ankles for supporting you and getting you around all day! Then, read on to learn how to give them a little TLC. These exercises and tips will help strengthen your feet & ankles and decrease pain!

  1. Ankle circles – lay on your back with your right foot flat on the bed, knee bent. Lift your left leg and hold it as close to the ankle as you can reach, making big, slow circles with your foot. Make 6 big circles, then switch sides. *Try this: before switching, get up and walk around a bit. Notice the difference in the way your feet feel (the one that has been exercised and the one that has not).
  2. Synchronized Stretches – sit up in bed with your legs stretched out in front of you. First, point your toes to the end of the bed. Second, with your feet in the same position, flex only your toes back towards you. Third, flex your whole feet back towards you. Fourth, point your feet again, keeping your toes flexed the whole time. Repeat all of these in order 3-5 times. *Hold each position for 5 seconds. You can do one foot at a time if you prefer. Deep breathe through the movements (and remember how much you love your job as a personal assistant / concierge!).
  3. Toe Taps – do these one foot at a time. Start with your big toe. Raise the toe and then tap it down. Continue with each toe, one at a time, over to the little toe. Repeat 3 times on each foot.
  4. Toe Stretches – position your feet so that they are positioned as if you are standing (your toes should be pointing up to the ceiling). Lift all of your toes up as high as you can and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Please also remember:

  • Exercise is key to strong legs, ankles, feet, and heart & lungs! Make sure to make it to the gym a few times a week
  • Don’t forget the benefits of massage! Get routine foot massages or pedicures (which normally include a massage)

You work as a Personal Assistant or Concierge, but that’s “just a job.” Remember that self-care is the most important thing that you do every day. We appreciate you; take care of yourself!

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