Is a Virtual Assistant the Right Fit?

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Have you worked with a Virtual Assistant in the past? We get a lot of inquiries for VAs – which is fine – except after talking with us and going over the different options, most people don’t end up choosing the virtual option. Most people who have worked with a VA in the past didn’t have the greatest experience. This is normally because the VA companies are overseas. The assistant is in a different time zone, making it difficult to connect with them; English is not their first language, making their end product less than perfect; and you are randomly assigned a person – or bounced between different assistants, meaning there is no rapport, continuity of workflow, or professional relationship that is being built between the two of you. First of all, know that if you choose a Virtual Assistant from our company, you are going to have a profoundly different experience. We put every personal touch imaginable into setting you up with the perfect person for you. Everyone is here in Toronto, has been screened for spelling & grammar, and even though you’ll be working with them remotely, you will be interviewing them in person first and actually meeting them!

Most of our clients end up choosing one of our 4 in-person options instead of a Virtual Assistant. Either way, the choice is yours and you can’t go wrong! When new clients reach out, they don’t realize all of the options that we offer. They are under the belief that if they want someone in-person, it has to be full time or it has to be in-person all the time. Maybe they can’t have someone with them all the time, or they can’t afford 40 hours per week (or don’t have that much work). We offer variable in-person options so that you are working with your assistant virtually for most of the time, but you still get to meet with them on occasion. It’s not like the Virtual Assistant who is completely hands off and only available over the phone or Skype.

We also have options for assistants in the office or to do personal errands. If you can dream up the perfect assistant, what would their schedule and availability look like? No matter what it is, we can make that happen for you! From the Virtual Assistant to Personal Concierge services, we’ve got you covered. Visit our website to look over all of our options today, then send us a message or give us a call to find out our rates and have all of your questions answered. You will be working with someone local, and you will be helping to create a job in our community. Let us get you set up with the perfect person for you, and alleviate your stress by getting you organized!

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