Personal Concierge Services Are on the Rise – Here’s Why

By November 20, 2018Blog
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There are a lot of terms out there that can all mean the same or similar things, and a lot of people interchange the terms. For us, the term “personal concierge” means someone that helps with tasks and errands outside of business. A concierge assistant may have responsibilities within their client’s business as well, but the role extends much, much further.

Concierge assistance is on the rise for many reasons. The business professional may have everything covered at the office, and has his own office assistant, but things at home are getting neglected. It can become a sticky situation to ask the office assistant to do personal tasks, which is where the personal concierge can help. Another example is for the business owner who is getting ready to retire. His office staff may have been helping with a lot of his personal errands and needs, but they are now going to be looking for full time jobs elsewhere and will not be available anymore to help him.

You are a busy professional. You are at the office all day, or are in client meetings and travelling frequently. Your internet at home has been out for a month. Your dishwasher hasn’t worked for the past 2 weeks. Why? Because you don’t have the time to sit at home and wait for the repair people to show up. You eat fast food every day because you don’t have time to shop for healthy food or prep meals to take with you. Your sister’s birthday is coming up and you haven’t gotten her a gift yet. You are invited to a dinner party this weekend but you still need to pick up a bottle of wine. You are hosting a dinner party and haven’t coordinated with the caterer yet, let alone thought about who may be able to help set up and co-host for the event. Almost every one of your dress suits are overdue to go to the cleaners…and there are more clothes there that need to be picked up. You know you need to take a vacation but you can’t find the time to research a trip and book the tickets. If this sounds like you, then you need a personal concierge! Do you realize how wonderful it would feel to know that you could send a text to someone, and all of these things would “magically” be taken care of? It’s possible!

Having a personal concierge may seem luxurious and out of any normal price range. But it’s not. We can customize your assistant’s work schedule to meet both your needs and your budget. And working with us brings even more perks for you as the client: you do not have to hire your personal concierge as an employee. They remain employed by us, and you are simply billed for the services your assistant provides to you. It’s even a tax write-off for you!

Today is the day to start feeling in control of your life. Contact us to learn more!

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