A New Spin on Virtual Assistant Companies

Meet Megan, our Founder & CEO

Megan came to Toronto from Virginia in 2014. Interested in a similar-yet-new line of work for herself, she looked for virtual assistant companies or similar options in the area. She discovered that there are no companies hiring permanent employees as both virtual and personal assistants. She decided to fill the gap in the market and provide a way for business professionals to find already vetted, high-quality, educated personal and virtual assistants.

Toronto Assistant Services was founded in 2017. Our goal is to scale this amazing business module as quickly as possible to reach the many overworked and stressed out business professionals and entrepreneurs in need.

Megan has two equally important goals with Toronto Assistant Services: to create long-term, stable, quality jobs for those in our community, including giving a chance to those who other employers may pass over, and also to support all business professionals to be the best versions of themselves and make their lives as efficient as possible. Megan wants to do better than the old, tired module used currently by virtual assistant companies.

Megan has attended numerous business expos and entrepreneur events around the city in order to network with business people, learn from expert entrepreneurs who have “made it” and continue “making it” every day, and talk with as many business people and potential clients as possible. Megan is also part of a business advisory board in Toronto. Perhaps you’ve seen her around town! If not, you just may run into her in the near future.


If you are in need of a personal assistant, executive assistant, or virtual assistant, contact us through our site and Megan will personally reach out to you and meet with you one -on – one in order to find the best assistant for you. Don’t wait another minute: we know you need us and we are here to help! We offer a free initial consultation for all interested clients.

If you’ve worked with other virtual assistant companies and it wasn’t what you were looking for, apply with us today! We have an amazing team of personal assistants and virtual assistants! Visit our careers section and someone from our team will be in touch. If you are chosen as as potential candidate, Megan will personally interview you. Please read through the requirements for being considered as a candidate.

Megan looks forward to working with you and helping you achieve your personal & professional goals!

"You are only as efficient as your assistant makes you!"