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We are so much more than a personal assistant agency in so many ways! We are right here in Toronto with you. We want you and your assistant to build a strong, interpersonal working relationship that will last for years to come by setting you up with quality assistant services. Choose to work with the best by choosing to work with Toronto Assistant Services!

Please view a complete list of the modules/options we offer here, or use the drop-down menu above to view each section individually.

Virtual Option: If you are out of town frequently on business, or if you have multiple work locations in different cities, the virtual assistant is a great option for you. The virtual assistant is accessible by phone, text & e-mail during their pre-arranged work hours.

Work-From-Home Option: Your assistant can work separately in their home office, giving you the flexibility to have someone helping you, but not in your space or committed to your crazy hours. Your assistant is available to meet with you on occasion for a task or project & can run the occasional errand.

Small Business Option: If you run a small business out of your home or storefront and you need someone to come in to help you, this is a great option for you! Your assistant can run the occasional errand.

Executive Option: Need someone with you all day? The executive assistant can work side-by-side with you in your office attending meetings, booking trips & business seminars, running daily errands, drafting contracts and other documents, and setting up events.

Personal Concierge Services: This option is for the client who needs help not only in business, but with numerous personal tasks as well. Your concierge assistant will go above & beyond to make sure that things run smoothly in and out of the home. This role may include help with business tasks such as scheduling clients and returning e-mails. Please click here to learn more.

Because your assistant is an employee of our company, you do not have to worry about their payroll & CRA withholdings, their benefits, or insurance! You are simply charged your fee for assistant services, and we handle everything else! We are different from a personal assistant agency or staffing agency in this way. Help create a permanent job in your community!

We can meet a variety of client needs in relation to work flexibility; every situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. Your assistant can work for you full time or for as few as 5 hours per week. Our employees are carefully screened and hand-picked to be sure you are matched with someone who has a similar work ethic and personality as you. Learn more here!

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You do not have to be running a business to utilize our virtual assistant services. For instance, we have worked in the past with teachers, students, and housewives who need an assistant for any number of tasks or projects.

Is your business expanding? Does your assistant need an assistant of their own? Don’t go anywhere else; contact us today!

Don’t work with a personal assistant agency – let Toronto Assistant Services set you up with a highly vetted assistant today & help to create a permanent job in our community!

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