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Looking to hire your own employee, but don’t have the time to interview and screen candidates? Let our Talent Acquisition Specialist find the perfect person for you!

Talent Acquisition: Our CEO will personally meet with you, deep-dive into your business and explore not only the services you offer but also the size, structure, and goals of your company. She will then recruit & interview candidates using our methods proven to allow only the most professional candidates shine. Your chosen candidate will be vetted & screened thoroughly before they are introduced to you as your new assistant!

This service is offered only to certain elite clients. Your candidate will not be from our pool of amazingly talented employees, but instead will be recruited and painstakingly screened exclusively for you as your employee. This option is appealing for clients who want to work directly with an employee, pay them directly, and provide their benefits and insurance directly from within their own organization.

Contact us today for a list of rates for our Talent Acquisition Specialist services:

  • Call 647-349-2757, or
  • Send an e-mail to: info@torontoassistants.com, or
  • Use the Contact Form here, or
  • Chat with us below (during business hours)!

Have you had bad experiences with assistants in the past? We totally understand. They probably weren’t vetted properly! Our CEO will personally meet with you and find the perfect employee for you to add to your team!

If this will be your first employee, we can help you find the perfect person for you. Remember: bringing on an employee of your own is a huge commitment and responsibility. If you would like to learn more about getting set up with one of our amazing employees instead, please start at our home page to learn more about our amazing team!

Are you moving to the area, or setting up a new secondary location in Toronto? It’s never too early to reach out. Drop us a line or give us a call and we will work with you to get someone set up in advance.

Referrals are the key to any successful business. If you know someone in need, please let them know about our Talent Acquisition Specialist services, and make sure they mention how they found out about us!

Is your business expanding? Does your assistant need an assistant of their own? Don’t go anywhere else; contact us today! We can set you up with someone from our amazing and professional team, or provide our acquisition services to find your next dream team member!

Contact us for a free consult with our CEO today!